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I remember sitting in church as a teenager, listening to the pastor talk about God’s plan for each of our lives.

I would look around at all the people filling up the pews and wonder – does God really have a specific purpose for every single one of these individuals?

It seemed too good to be true that an all-knowing, all-powerful God would care about my life that much.

At the time, I saw life as a series of random, unconnected events. Some good things would happen, some bad things would happen, and I didn’t think there was any grand meaning or narrative to it.

However over time, as I continued seeking God in prayer and studying His Word, my perspective began to change.

Slowly but surely, I started to believe that God did have a wonderful plan for my life after all.

There were a few key moments along my spiritual journey where I felt God speaking to me, directing me toward His purpose for me. In those moments, I felt incredibly loved, valued, and filled with meaning.

I began to realize that when I tune my ears to God’s voice through consistent time in prayer and Bible study, I catch glimpses of the beautiful story He wants to write with my life. God’s perfect plan far surpasses anything I could orchestrate on my own.

I won’t pretend it’s always easy to choose God’s path over my own. But every time I surrender my will to His greater plan, I’m filled with supernatural joy and peace that reminds me God’s purpose is always best.

I’m still learning how to fully live out God’s special calling for my life, but I’m so grateful He has one uniquely designed just for me.

What Does “God’s Will” Actually Mean?

What Does “God’s Will” Actually Mean?

We throw around the phrase “God’s will” quite a bit in Christian circles. But what does it mean exactly?

Essentially, God’s will refers to His approval and determination to guide the choices in our lives.

It represents what He wants to accomplish not only globally, but also personally in and through every believer.

Within God’s supreme will, there are a few different facets we can consider:

  • Sovereign Will – This refers to God’s predestined plan for the world and humanity throughout history. His sovereign will cannot be thwarted and always comes to pass.
  • Moral Will – God’s moral will is His standard of right and wrong as expressed in the Bible. It’s His ethical guidance for how all humanity ought to live.
  • Desired Will – This aspect represents what God desires from His relationship with believers. It’s how He wants us to love, obey, and honor Him through faith in Christ.
  • Circumstantial Will – When we fall short and mess up, God’s circumstantial will refers to how He wishes to guide us in light of current circumstances back into alignment with His desires.
  • Immediate Will – This is God’s personal direction to us in the more immediate decisions we make day to day.

As you can see, “God’s will” encompasses far more than simply figuring out which job offer to take or who to marry!

God cares about every aspect of your life. He stands ready to guide you each step of the way when you seek His heart.

Why Should You Try to Know and Follow God’s Will?

Seeking God's Will

If God has a perfect plan for each of you, why wouldn’t you want to know and follow it?

Here are a few great reasons to seek the Lord’s will above your own:

  • It gives life purpose and meaning. When you walk in God’s will, you can rest assured that whatever you do has eternal significance. Your short time on this earth suddenly takes on new meaning.
  • It leads to blessing and fruitfulness. God promises to bless those who walk uprightly and delight in His way (Psalm 1). Knowing God’s heart allows you to avoid unnecessary detours and to thrive.
  • It brings peace and satisfaction. Our ways often leave us empty, unsatisfied, and constantly striving. But aligning with God’s purpose resonates with truth deep in our souls. Even amidst trials, obeying Christ gives profound peace.
  • Without God, we tend to make a mess. When you insist on forging your own path, it inevitably leads to pain and hardship. Human wisdom simply can’t compare with the omniscient Creator who formed us!

If aligning with God’s will lines up so perfectly with experiencing life to the fullest, why wouldn’t you wholeheartedly pursue getting to know it?

The Lord promises that if you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you (James 4:8 ESV).

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.”

He stands ready to reveal His purpose if you sincerely seek Him.

How Can You Discern God’s Will for Your Lives?

How to discern God's will for your life

If figuring out God’s desire was complicated, unsure, and frustrating, not many of us would keep pursuing it for long.

Thankfully, the Lord promises to show us His ways when we seek Him wholeheartedly (Jeremiah 29:13 ESV).

“You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.”

Here are a few helpful guidelines to discern if you are walking in step with the Lord’s will:

  • Check if it aligns with Scripture. God will not lead you to do anything contradictory to the Bible. Check to see if major decisions line up with God’s Word. This will help significantly in discerning His will.
  • Consider if it’s wise and count the cost. Part of walking in God’s purpose is living intentionally and avoiding foolish choices. Before big decisions, think through the possible consequences and whether they could lead to future regret or hardship. God’s way leads to life.
  • Listen for God’s peace. As you bring choices before God in prayer and tune your ears to His voice, He will often give you supernatural peace to confirm that you are on the right track. Of course, peace isn’t the only way God leads. But often His peace surpasses human understanding.
  • Make sure actions match faith. If you say Jesus is Lord but your lifestyle doesn’t reflect that, something needs to be adjusted. As you walk in God’s will, what you believe should inform how you live. Your actions should match your faith.
  • Honor God in all you do. The bottom line measuring stick for God’s will asks: Does this decision honor and glorify God? Will it reflect His goodness to others around me? God’s ultimate purpose is that you might know Jesus and make Him known. Your life choices should align with that all-embracing goal.

Figuring out God’s will doesn’t need to feel overwhelming or impossible. He promises time and time again in the Bible that if you seek Him earnestly, you will find Him.

He cares about you and wants to direct each step you take – no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

You need only train yourself to constantly consult your Shepherd in each twist and turn rather than rely solely on your understanding.

It’s Never Too Late to Start Living in God’s Will

Sharing The Gospel

One of the enemy’s biggest lies is, “It’s too late. You’ve messed up too much now.” Our regrets and failures often keep us distant from God.

But it’s never too late to begin seeking the Lord and discovering His purpose for the years ahead.

Starting today, you can choose to stop going your own way and instead pursue closeness with your Creator. When you do, you’ll unlock meaning, blessings, and purpose beyond imagination.

I love the story of the Apostle Paul from the Bible. Before starting a relationship with Christ, Paul chased religion and zealously persecuted early followers of Jesus.

But one life-changing encounter with God radically re-aligned Paul’s entire purpose for living.

Despite all the harm Paul had previously caused, God forgave him, called him into ministry, and used his testimony to impact much of the New Testament we read today.

It was not “too late” for God to redeem Paul and completely shift the trajectory of his life.

Friend, if you feel far from God today, take heart! No matter what you’ve done or failed to do in the past, God is ready to reveal His purpose for your future the moment you choose to draw near.

Then you too can walk confidently in the blessing, protection, and joy His way brings.

Don’t waste another minute on regret. Seek Him wholeheartedly and watch what God will do as you discover and embrace His wondrous calling.

Start Seeking God Wholeheartedly and Experience Life to the Fullest

Cry Out To God

While giving us free will, the Lord still designed humankind for so much more than simply existing and trying to be happy.

He lovingly crafted a divine purpose for each of our lives – one that will prove more fulfilling than anything you can imagine.

But to experience that abundant life and blessings He intends, you must seek after Him with all your heart and realign your ways with His perfect will.

As you consider your life, don’t go through another day without God’s guidance and blessing.

Take time to ask the Lord, “What do You desire for me today?” Open His Word and prayerfully listen for direction from His Holy Spirit.

If there is any sin separating you from God, confess and turn from it. Ask Him for wisdom and wait patiently for His answer.

The more you pursue closeness with your Heavenly Father, the more you’ll discern His still small voice. And each little step of obedience to what He speaks breathes meaning and joy into life’s journey.

I hope the truths we’ve explored here inspire you to wholeheartedly chase after God and fearlessly uncover that unique will and purpose He has for your life.

As the old hymn says, “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”

Will you choose today to follow after God and live boldly in the destiny He desires?

With His grace, the best is yet to come. Let’s do this journey together!

Key Takeaways: Discovering God’s Will for Your Life

  • God’s will refers to what He approves and determines for your life according to His divine purpose.
  • Seeking God’s purpose gives life meaning, leads to fruitfulness, and brings profound peace amidst chaos.
  • God promises to show you His way when you seek Him wholeheartedly in prayer and Scripture.
  • It’s never too late to change course and embrace God’s purpose for your future when you surrender completely to Him.
  • Walking in alignment with the Lord’s calling leads to the abundant, blessed life He intends for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I really messed up in disobeying God – can He still use me?

A. Absolutely! Some heroes of the Christian faith, like Moses, David, Peter, and Paul, made big mistakes earlier in life. But when they turned back to the Lord, He turned their failures into testimonies of His glory.

God specializes in writing beautiful stories for those who come back to Him!

Q. I still struggle to hear God’s voice – does that mean I’m not living His will?

A. Not necessarily! Learning to discern God’s voice often takes time and practice. Consult other mature believers when God seems silent.

Remember that we walk by faith, not by feelings. Do your best to obey His Word and trust He will guide your next step, even if you can’t see far ahead.

Q. What if I feel pulled in different directions – how can I know what God wants?

A. It can be confusing and overwhelming if you feel torn in making a big decision. But if you lay out your choices before God, study His word, seek wise counsel, and listen for His voice the answer will come.

Sometimes you have to step forward in faith before the path becomes clear. Trust His promise to direct your steps when you acknowledge Him.

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